Let’s go retro

Here is the CBC’s coverage of the notorious face ad from the 1993 election. Jean Chretien’s response was truly perfect. Oh ya, John Tory’s in there too.


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Is the National Post closing?

Very sad.

If this is true, the Canadian media takes another hit.

Say what you will about the Post, but when you picked it up, you never had to fear coming across a Jane Taber or Susan Delacourt piece. The National Post brought some diversity to the group think mentality of the press.



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Stay classy, Hedy.

Hedy Fry thinks she’s entitled to a special, politicians only vaccine clinic. You know, because she’s better than us.

If babies and the elderly really want their priority vaccines, they should just run for parliament. Hedy’s entitled to her entitlements, dammit. She shakes hands!

Good luck, Mr. Donolo.

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Jack Layton is pure sex

Everyone knows only studs dress up as Trekkies


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Future NDP ad

If they actually run a competent campaign, for once.

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